Christmas Special – Time Machine Builder Pack

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Christmas Special

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With the cost of everything soaring, individual parts prices has risen significantly. However, I’ve managed to strike a one-time Christmas special with my machinist to bundle the cost of all the parts we currently make into 2021 priced Time Machine pack. This price is based on a minimum of 3 orders, and if we don’t reach the quota, all orders will be refunded.

For more than £400 off the individual price, you will get the following items:

1x Plutonium Chamber and Turbine Kit 
1x Wormhole Emitter V2
1x Full Set of Flux Boxes V3
1x Radio Heatsink
1x T195 Cooling Vent
1x Medical heatsink
2x Plutonium Reactor Elbows / Flux Capacitor Elbow
1x Arrowhead Orange Tube
1x Green Torpedo Tubes (Assembled)
1x Crossover Tube (Built & Anodised + Tag)
20x DTMProps Style Rubber Flux Band Brackets 

Individual Cost: £4217
Offer Price: £3800

These parts are made to order, so shipping time will be in the region of 90 days.


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