Fusion Chamber ‘pot’ and Lid


Designed to work with both genuine GE T58 Turbine Stators (16 bolt) and our very own turbine replica, the DTMProps Fusion Chamber and Lid use a combination of accurate measurements the A-Car along with some of our own visual enhancements to make the inner chamber design more interesting.

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Designed to bolt directly to our GE T58 Turbine / Stator replica (and indeed a genuine T58 Turbine with the 16 bolt pattern layout), the DTMProps Fusion Chamber and Lid use many measurements from the original parts to produce a visually accurate fusion chamber when viewed externally. However, open up the chamber and you will appreciate the large amount of extra detail that has been added to make the chamber more interesting to onlookers.

Furthermore, the chamber has also been designed to work with the plutonium canisters sold by GonkToys. Insert the canister, twist and watch the plutonium rod drop into the chamber. Just like the movies!

  • Material: Aluminium
  • Finish: Unpainted
  • Part Location: On top of the GE T58 Turbine.
  • Additional parts included: None


If product shows it is on Backorder, then it will be made to order (1-2 weeks).

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