Janitrol HPF-300 Heater


Finally! DTMProps is pleased to announce the release of our Janitrol tank! With design data pulled from several sources, our Janitrol tank will be manufactured from aluminium using ‘turning’ and CNC machining to achieve a highly accurate, yet lightweight replica.

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After several trips back to the drawing board, I’m finally pleased to reveal the DTMProps Janitrol Tank! This tank was designed from data pulled from several sources including: measurements taken from a real Janitrol, some features from a 3D scan of a real Janitrol and further measurements from a resin cast.

The DTMProps Janitrol main body will be turned directly from an aluminium tube to provide the “ribbing” around the tank, it will then have ports CNC machined and tapped into it. The end of the tank visible from the drivers side pontoon area will be CNC machined from solid billet and welded to the main tank for an authentic look. The other end of the tank will be left open allowing the “orange tube” to pass directly into it and be held in place with screws.

A polishing service will be offered for an additional charge should you want your Janitrol tank to have a similar appearance to stainless steel.

  • Material: Aluminium
  • Finish: Unpainted
  • Part Location: Rear Deck
  • Additional parts included: None


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