Radio Heatsink (Accel Thermal Model 54)

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The most accurate Radio Heatsink available (more accurate than what is on the post-restoration A-Car!).

Built to order

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Despite being a fairly small part, the radio heatsink has pride of place in the centre of the time machine dashboard and is easily visible from both inside and outside of the car. This is why when we set out to design the radio heatsink, we wanted it to be the most accurate one available! Other replica heatsinks lack the small details such as the slimmer end fins, wedge shaped central fins with radiused corners and many other nuances only found on the original heatsink (and even the one on the post-restoration A car!).

Each heatsink is professionally CNC milled from a solid block of Aluminium and is ready to accept the correct sized transistors. For the PCB, many similar ones are available on eBay if you search for “Vintage PCB”

  • Material: Aluminium
  • Finish: Unpainted
  • Part Location: Positioned on top of the Radio, above the Time Circuits
  • Additional parts included: None


If product shows it is on Backorder, then it will be made to order (1-2 weeks).

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1 review for Radio Heatsink (Accel Thermal Model 54)

  1. Peter Varrica

    The most accurate radio heat sink out there hands down

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