Green “Torpedo” Tubes


DTMProps “Green Tubes” are milled from solid aluminium bar stock to the exact specifications of either the “A-Car” or “B-Car” (depending on your requirements), and welded to laser cut mounting brackets the same design of which was used on the original Time Machine.

Made to order (60-90 days)

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Milled from solid aluminium bar to the exact specifications of either the “A-Car” or “B-Car” (depending on your requirements), our Green Torpedo tubes are a high quality, yet cost effective alternative to resin or wooden replicas. We use the same laser cut mounting bracket design found on the original Delorean Time Machine, and provide a full set of anodised aluminium fittings that screw into the M12 threads on the tubes.

The tubes are sent pre-welded to the mounting brackets unless you contact us requesting a DIY kit.

  • Material: Aluminium
  • Finish: Unpainted. You will need to paint these the correct colour.
  • Part Location: Attaches to the passenger side pontoon.
  • Additional parts included: Laser cut mounting brackets, anodised aluminium fittings


Unfortunately we do not offer painting of this part, as the most accurate green spray paint (Green Zinc Primer) is hard to source in the UK.


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