T-195 Radio Cooling Vent


Avoid the hassle of locating and purchasing an expensive and heavy GRC-19 T-195 radio system, just for one small part. DTMProps have designed and CNC machined an accurate replica part from aluminium that is available at an excellent price.

Made to order (60-90 days)

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Originally part of a military spec radio transmitter, this small cooling vent (seen below) could previously only be had by purchasing an entire GRC-19 T-195 radio. The radios alone would often fetch $300+ on eBay, and with their weight at almost 45kg shipping also proved prohibitively expensive.


However, with the help of the DTM community we have managed to recreate the vent in CAD, and are able to make extremely accurate and affordable replicas by CNC machining Aluminium.

We now also offer extremely high quality (8K) 3D Resin printed versions of this item! These are every bit as smooth as a CNC machined part (no printing lines), have a 100% infill making them very light, and are printed in grey resin. Resin prints have a 1 week turnaround making them ideal for those that don’t want to wait for the CNC aluminium versions.

  • Material: Aluminium or Resin
  • Finish: Unpainted
  • Part Location: In front of the Plutonium chamber on the deck lid.
  • Additional parts included: None


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Weight 1 kg

Aluminium, Resin